New Life for 70’s Condo

Welcoming Sightlines and Architectural Detail Create a Home-Sweet-Home





Problem: Intent on downsizing, this client seized an opportunity to buy a property with the perfect location. This 70’s condo didn’t look or feel like the real home he was used to. Cheap doors, baseboard heating and bland finishes overall said rental property. The wall-mounted AC unit was an eyesore. The tiny kitchen was dark and needed more storage.

● I designed a cabinet to conceal the wall-mounted air conditioner. The custom cabinet adds convenient storage for small items and also helps define separate dining and living rooms.
● When the contractor suggested opening up the kitchen wall, I proposed inserting an 18” deep base cabinet midway beneath. This allowed us to add much-needed storage and counter space to the kitchen while creating new sightlines and architectural detail.

Contemporary Possibilities for a Traditional Home

Working Within the Boundaries to Redefine Style



Problem: Client longed for clean, contemporary design in a room dominated by a very large brick fireplace. They also needed furniture that worked with the long, narrow proportions of this room. Seating needed to provide comfortable TV viewing and create a cozy, conversational setting by the fire.

● White oak, granite and a modern gas fireplace put a sleek contemporary face on this once country brick, traditional wall.
● A pair of 1-arm leather sofas creates cozy conversational setting. Adjustable back cushions.
● Custom wool and silk rug was designed by Brita DeRemee to compliment the setting.

Empty Nesters’ Update

Elegant and Open Views Transform a 1940’s Rambler



Problem: A center wall separated the formal living and dining rooms from a much lived-in kitchen. Clients longed for the advantages of a more modern, open floor plan that would allow them to be more connected with guests while entertaining. They also wanted to be able to see out both sides of their home.

● I proposed plan to opened up the wall between the kitchen and formal dining rooms, using a half wall to create a functional, aesthetic boundary between the two rooms. On the dining room side it backs an elegant glass-door storage cabinet. On the kitchen side it backs a peninsula for casual dining and work space.
● Elegant, but simple finishes integrate the kitchen with the formal dining room. Dark stained walnut cabinets relate to the dining room furniture. Painted uppers and closely coordinated stone countertops and ceramic tile backsplash create a quiet backdrop that emphasizes the outdoor views. Textured, silk-like wallcovering quietly distinguishes formal dining room.

Housing Development Personalized

Thinking Outside the Box for a new Builder Home




Problem: Clients’ tastes and vision for their new townhome required something other than what the builder offered. I designed their ideal kitchen and helped them spec and coordinate finishes overall.

● Modern kitchen design meets their functional and aesthetic needs.
● Fireplace & Lighting: French limestone tiled fireplace surround, tech lighting, custom media cabinet with storage built-in for dining table leaves.

Old Bathroom Reimagined

Modern Sink, LED Lighting and Glass Transform an Awkward Space Into Modern Oasis

Problem: After 35 years of family life, this bathroom was worn-out and dated. The single vanity was cramped and lacked storage. The lighting was dismal and there was no source of heat. In addition, the a-typical features of this space -a long angled wall and odd recess – presented design challenges to make things look right.


● Large wall-mounted sink provides ample splash space for two within a small footprint. It’s modern curved shape creates visual flow. Medicine cabinet provides lots of at-sink storage.
● LED sconces and ceiling fixture offer superb, variable levels of light. New window provides natural light and ventilation.
● Commodious, full length storage cabinet within reach of sink and shower borrows space from a large closet in an adjoining bedroom.
● Corner glass shower provides larger, more comfortable showering space without visually consuming the room.
● Programmable in-floor heat keeps everything toasty during cold months.
● Soft grey, white and blue-green color scheme creates calm environment for morning and nighttime rituals.